Tamaris PureRelax

High-quality, comfortable & stylish! Discover our PureRelax collection, which provides a special level of comfort due to its unique choice of materials and optimally adapts to any shape of foot thanks to the RELAX FIT. Additional comfort is provided by the removable footbed, which provides space for individual insoles. These features are wrapped up in our fashionable trendy designs! RELAX FIT: Comfortable fit for every type of foot. LEATHER: High-quality material for a soft comfortable feel. REMOVABLE FOOTBED: Removable footbed for individual insoles.

Tamaris Heart & Sole

Tamaris Heart & Sole - a love of high heels, no holds barred. All day, every day! At the heart of this innovative technology is an orthopedic insole, which takes the pressure off your foot at the key pressure points and revolutionizes walking in heels. The styles come in an impressive variety of colors: from nude tones to bold red. The blend of materials and fun details make these designs a real highlight in your shoe collection.

Tamaris Fashletics

"Take it easy" is not just a motto for life, it's the inspiration behind the Fashletics spring/ summer styles. These trainers are the perfect companions for guaranteed everyday comfort. The focus is on pale, pastel colors like soft rose, fresh mint, peach and powder blue, which imbue a feeling of freedom and lightness.

Earth Responsibility
Glue Free Packaging

All of our shoeboxes are glue-free. We've standardized the production of our shoeboxes so that they never contain glues or staples. We also use a hinge style lid, which reduces the amount of cardboard needed to make each box. This may seem small, but when thousands and thousands of boxes are being made each year, every inch adds up. Our boxes are also made from recyclable materials – so please be sure you're putting unwanted boxes in your recycling bin instead of the trash.

Green Initiative
Trees for the Future

Did you know we plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold on Tamaris.us?

Through our ongoing partnership with Trees for the Future—an award-winning, global, tree-planting organization—we’re planting trees in developing countries across Africa. The trees we plant provide families with more than just food—they provide income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even save lives.

When you make a purchase from Tamaris.us, you’re making a positive impact on our planet and the lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you’re giving families the ability to transition from damaging farming techniques to a Forest Garden system that sustains and empowers them—and changes their lives forever.

Trees Planted